Established in March 2011, Saigon Village wants to bring Authentic Vietnamese Dishes to Pomona City as well as the Inland Empire Community. Our Chief of Chef started his career from the famous Seven Courses of Beef restaurant in Rosemead-CA 15 years ago and he has brought his signature dishes to Saigon Village. Many of his followers continue to come to Saigon Village for this tasty treat which includes a Beef Salad, a Beef Fondue in Vinegar Broth, a Steam Pate Beef, a Grilled Beef Sausage, a Grilled Beef wrapped in Hawaiian “Lot Leaf”, a Grilled Beef with Onion & Lemon Grass, and a Beef Rice Soup. Guests are provided with lots of vegetable and rice paper to create their own spring rolls to be dipped into our special sauce. Saigon Village wants to bring our guest into a food journey where they would take their time going through each dish and enjoy every bit of the process. That is what dining should be all about.

Besides the Seven Courses of Beef, Saigon Village also has many other wonderful Authentic Vietnamese Dishes such as the famous Pho (Noodle Soup), Com Tam (Broken Rice), Bun (Rice Vermicelli), Banh Mi (French Sandwiches), Mi Xao Don (Pan Fried Egg Noodle), and many more…

Moreover, we expand to have our guests from other cities and states to be able to enjoy our tasty dishes at home. All of the dishes in the Seven Course of Beef are prepared in the same restaurant quality and standard. They will be then quickly frozen to keep all taste and nutrition. If you do not have a chance to come to California for dining in our restaurant, this could be the best option. We accept all orders, either large or small.

All of us at Saigon Village are delighted to see and hear from many of you!

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